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Who are we ?

Muslima Dress becomes Yumna!!

[ Yümna ] in Arabic “يُمنى is inspired by the Arabic word Yumn, meaning success. This corresponds perfectly to what the brand wishes to convey, that is to say the success of the company in business, the religious and personal success that it wishes for its customers.

[For you] The yumnettes the models have been thoughtfully designed and made with love and kindness. The fabrics are carefully chosen and the finishes specific to the brand and all this available in France and in stock immediately.

The creation of Yumna reinforces our desire to encourage risk taking and entrepreneurship, but also to develop the entrepreneurial impact of women, especially Muslim women. We would therefore like to convey a strong and positive message. Yumna targets all Muslim or modest women.
It doesn't matter their level of faith, it doesn't matter the culture. Yumna wants to be an example of diversity. And we are counting on you to follow us in this beautiful project.

Our collections are the result of meticulous work over several months in which we took the time to seek the best in terms of quality and material in order to meet your expectations.
Our desire through our brand is to allow all women to recognize themselves in Yumna and to find their happiness there.